SEND @ Westwood

The Trust's SEND Vision

Believe, Achieve, Succeed”.

Our mission statement “Believe, Achieve, Succeed” reflects our understanding and beliefs.

The Trust is committed to improving outcomes for all pupils through providing an appropriate and high quality inclusive education to all members of the Academy community.

The Trust places inclusion at the heart of all its provision and seeks to develop a range of inclusive services to support learners with specific needs to ensure they are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential now and in the future.

The Trust is ambitious for its academies and pupils and believes that with the right support everyone can achieve their best, regardless of their circumstances or background.

At Westwood Academy we aim to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their specific needs, make the best possible progress in school. We aim to be as inclusive as reasonably possible, in meeting the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

The four broad ‘areas of need’ are Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties, and Sensory and Physical Needs. Staff are trained in:

  • In Print software.
  • Wellcomm- speech and language intervention.
  • Blast!-speech and language intervention.
  • Elklan- speech and language intervention.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Westwood Academy is an inclusive school, where all children (including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) engage in the full range of activities offered as often as is reasonably possible.

We aim to support pupils' emotional and social development. We listen to the views of children through our Pupil Forum (made up of elected School Councillors, Eco Councillors and Head Boy and Girl), pupil surveys conducted and pupil voice interviews. We take the following measures to prevent bullying:

  • Implement policies and procedures to prevent and respond to bullying throughout the school (Behaviour Policy and Safeguarding Policy).
  • Keep up to date behaviour logs to monitor pupil behaviour.
  • Provide training for staff so that they are vigilant in identifying instances of bullying and competent to deal with instances of bullying effectively.
  • Provide training for children to lead peer to peer mediation sessions.

The SEND Coordinator at Westwood Academy is Lisa O'Brien and Katy Mather (SENCO for The Harmony Trust), who can be contacted via email at

Please also feel free to come in to school to discuss your child's education with their class teacher at any time. If you wish to make a complaint about SEND provision, or any other matter, please follow the procedures set out in the Complaints Policy, which can be found through the Our Policies section of this website.

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