Children's Leadership Team

Head Boy and Head Girl

Westwood Academy has one Head Boy and one Head Girl, who are elected by the children in Year 6. The main purposes of their job is to support the Principal and Senior Leadership Team in promoting and representing the academy. Their other responsibilities and tasks are to represent the academy at certain events, make speeches promoting the academy, show visitors round, support staff in assemblies and meet with and lead the Academy Council.


School Council

Our School Council plays an important role by sharing the views of their peers on changes and improvements which need to be made within the academy. Academy Councillors must be trustworthy, honest, well-mannered and patient; they are role models to others and represent the academy in a variety of different situations.  

The School Council is made up of representatives from each Key Stage 2 class. The School Council are elected by their classmates and will consult their peers about how the school can be improved.

The School Council representatives elected for this year are:

school council.PNG

Eco Council

The Eco Council works extremely hard to educate pupils and their families about issues on sustainability at a local, national and global scale to develop Global Citizens. Over the last five years we have been involved in many projects from paper recycling and litter picking to promoting reduced consumption and growing our own food. Staff have also been encouraged to switch off computers, close windows and use water more efficiently.

The Eco Council representatives elected for this year are:


Sports Leaders

Westwood Academy’s Sports Leaders encourage and develop children’s confidence and self-esteem. These young leaders develop generic leadership skills that will be vital to them in other areas of life. This role allows the children to take an active role in sport and physical activities, whilst developing the self confidence that comes through taking responsibility for their own and others learning and enjoyment.  


Mental Health Ambassadors 

Our Mental Health Ambassadors provide support and advice to children, and lead a whole school approach to mental health and social wellbeing. They teach classes around the school calming strategies and are on hand at break and dinner time to offer support.

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