Read, Achieve, Succeed

The Read, Achieve, Succeed initiative was launched across The Harmony Trust in December 2016.  The aim was to raise the profile of reading across the Trust and develop a lifelong love of reading within our children and to ensure that all Westwood Academy children make excellent progress in reading, regardless of their need or circumstance. 


Read, Achieve, Succeed includes various aspects and activities some of which are highlighted below: 

  • Pledge to give all children a free book of their choice. Each year, staff organise an event to celebrate reading and the Read, Achieve, Succeed Initiative.  The partnership with Madeline Lindley continues across the Trust  they will supply books to children by setting up a bookshop for the day.  Social media and the press will be engaged to raise the profile externally. 
  • Parents and volunteers will also be engaged to ensure pupils are getting the maximum number of opportunities to read widely and often. 
  • CEO Reading and Book Club— the CEO will read with children on a weekly basis.  This is on a rotational basis with one academy per term taking part. 
  • Author events planned, at least one per term, with children attending from a range of year groups. These have included visits from poets, authors and illustrators.
  • World Book Day events and competitions, where children have opportunities to share their favourite books and dress as their favourite characters.
  • Accelerated Reader programme, giving children access to an online library of books and comprehension activities.
  • Access to a school lending library and a range of books in classroom reading corners.
  • Reading Volunteers Programme - a commitment to develop an army of reading volunteers. In Oldham, Hulme Grammar School pupils provide students who become reading champions.  
  • Work with Literacy Trust and the Young Readers Programme.  These programmes are well established at Westwood Academy and the aim is to roll out to other academies across the hubs.

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