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Group A Strep Letter to Parents/Carers

Date: 7th Dec 2022 @ 2:22pm

Please download letter attached.

Consultation on Admission Policies 2024-2025

Date: 6th Dec 2022 @ 8:18pm

Consultation for The Harmony Trust Admissions Policies 2024-25

The Harmony Trust is an Admission Authority and we have a requirement for the Trust to consult on the admission arrangements for all our schools at least once every 7 years.

Therefore, we are undertaking a consultation relating to the Admissions Policies for 2024-25 for all schools within The Harmony Trust, this consultation will commence on Monday 5th December 2022 and will end on Tuesday 31st January 2023.  Each regional Hub has its own policy, the schools covered by this consultation are as follows:

Tameside Hub Derby Hub
Greenfield Primary Academy Alvaston Junior Academy
  Ash Croft Primary Academy
Oldham Hub Carlyle Infant & Nursery Academy
Alt Primary Academy Cavendish Junior Academy
Greenhill Primary Academy Cottons Farm Primary Academy 
Northmoor Primary Academy Hackwood Primary Academy
Richmond Primary Academy Reigate Primary Academy
Westwood Primary Academy Lakeside Primary Academy
  Village Primary Academy


Derby Hub – The proposed amendment to the Admissions Policies is to have one policy relating to all the Derby Academies within The Harmony Trust. The wording of the policy has been reviewed to ensure greater clarity for parents and carers and compliance with the School Admissions Code and in accordance with Derby City Council’s admissions criteria.

Tameside and Oldham Hubs - It should be noted that there are no changes to the oversubscription criteria. The wording of the policy has been reviewed to ensure greater clarity for parents/carers and compliance with the School Admissions Code.

The Consultation Process
We would welcome your views on the proposed admission arrangements.  The proposed Admission Policies for 2024-25 can be found here:

Derby Hub Proposed Admission Policy

Oldham Hub Proposed Admission Policy

Tameside Hub Proposed Admission Policy

Notification of the consultation is being communicated by the Trust to the following: 

  • The Local Authorities – including Tameside, Oldham, Derby
  • All parents and carers of pupils of the Trust 
  • Other persons who in the Trust’s opinion have an interest in the proposed admission policies.

If you wish to comment on the policies, you are welcome to respond by emailing comments to info@theharmonytrust.org or if you have any questions, please contact The Harmony Trust Central Office on 0161 260 0482 extension 15.  Any comments should clearly indicate which Hub policy it relates too.

At the end of the consultation process all responses will be collated and presented to the Trust Board for full consideration.  The Admissions Policy for 2024-25 must be approved and published by 28th February 2023.


Newsletter 02/12/22

Date: 2nd Dec 2022 @ 4:06pm

Newsletter 25/11/22

Date: 25th Nov 2022 @ 4:18pm

Newsletter 18/11/22

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 3:54pm

Newsletter 11/11/22

Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 3:56pm

Newsletter 04/11/22

Date: 4th Nov 2022 @ 3:50pm

Newsletter 07/10/22

Date: 7th Oct 2022 @ 3:30pm

School Photos

Date: 7th Oct 2022 @ 11:50am

Breakfast with a book!

Date: 25th Sep 2022 @ 8:35pm

On Friday, we welcomed our parents, aunties, uncles and siblings into class to share a story. It was a wonderful morning and the children loved having an audience to read 'Farmer Duck' to. 

Newsletter 16.09.22

Date: 16th Sep 2022 @ 3:58pm

A Message from our CEO - Queen Elizabeth II

Date: 9th Sep 2022 @ 12:01pm

Yesterday marked the passing of Britain's longest serving and living monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who provided continuity, stability, and reassurance during the many changes faced in this country over the past 70 years.  During this period of national mourning, there will be opportunity in Harmony to reflect with our children and our staff on: those changing times that span such crucial milestones in our personal and national history; of a life lived well and through values that unify; and on a life full of extraordinary public service and commitment to others.  The Queen's last act of public duty this week demonstrated the character that is the object of our Harmony education. 
This is a moment of great sadness, but it is also one to reflect on, and learn more about, the achievements and deep values of one of the most influential figures of modern British history and society.  Our Queen will be missed greatly.
Best wishes 
Antony Hughes
CEO - The Harmony Trust

Breakfast Club

Date: 9th Sep 2022 @ 11:50am

Newsletter 15/07/22

Date: 15th Jul 2022 @ 4:39pm

Extreme Heat Advice

Date: 12th Jul 2022 @ 12:42pm


Dear Parents and Carers, 

Please click here for government advice on staying safe and well during periods of extreme heat. As you will know, the temperatures over the next three days are extreme (Thursday 28 degrees, Friday 33 degrees and Saturday 28 degrees) and we will all need to take great care and be vigilant on behalf of vulnerable friends and family; especially the young and elderly.   

More information giving advice is being posted on the 'News and Events' page on the school website.   Please stay safe - and please remember to ensure your children bring water bottles and hats toschool every day over the summer term - and that you apply sunscreen in the morning when needed.   

Many thanks to you all.

Please see the additional links for advice and guidance for keeping yourself and others safe during extreme hot weather. 

NHS Advice - How to Stay Safe in the Heat

Met Office - Tips for Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

Age UK - Advice for Staying Cool in a Heatwave




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